Prototalk – The Alto-Scope! Part 1 !

Hello! And welcome to Prototalk/blog. This is my first post and we’re going to talk about my little DIY oscilloscope (I’m calling it the Alto-Scope for obvious reasons).  Well I’m going to talk about it in this video.

In the event you do not want to wait till later videos to listen to how I built my scope and would like to have a head start look at the links below they’re what guided me.

That’s another arduino based scope. I originally looked there for inspiration but it lacked a few things I wanted but I did is very similar.

Here is one that also uses the same screen as me

And here’s what I originally started with and I thought it was brilliant 😀 and I still do!

Anyway here’s some stills of my Alto-scope


6 comments on “Prototalk – The Alto-Scope! Part 1 !

  1. Andrew Kent says:

    Looks like a fun, can’t wait to see the process in greater detail!

  2. Fatih Surbehan says:

    Dear Christopher!
    I am also a biomedical engineer, and I must say you are truly gifted!
    This is an awesome idea! I am really seeing forward to further info and tutorials on how to build such a device!

    I really want to build this, and as a side note: I am trying to make a portable arduino based ecg device. I want the ecg readings to appear on a lcd screen (or on a led based screen), but I have not any success yet 😛

    Do you have any tips or hint regarding my ecg-project?


    • Hey, thanks for your comments. the device itself is fairly simple to make, I’m simply making the arduino sample analogue in and graphing it. The only real trick i did was to change the ADC clock, you can read about it here.

      Anyways what kind of issues are you having with your EGC device?

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