Alto-Scope Part 2 – The performance test

Welcome to the second post.

Today we’re going to explore the Alto-scope’s performance. The specifications of my little Alto-scope should be as follows:

Sample Rate: 150 Ksps

Analogue Bandwidth: 15Khz

Input Voltage Range (1x) : 0-5V

Triggering: Rising Edge level trigger

Singleshot mode: Yes

So how are we going to test this? With a whole slew of signals of course. Sqaures, Sines, Triangles!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to check for part 3 where I explain how you too can build your own Alto-Scope.


Prototalk – The Alto-Scope! Part 1 !

Hello! And welcome to Prototalk/blog. This is my first post and we’re going to talk about my little DIY oscilloscope (I’m calling it the Alto-Scope for obvious reasons).  Well I’m going to talk about it in this video.

In the event you do not want to wait till later videos to listen to how I built my scope and would like to have a head start look at the links below they’re what guided me.

That’s another arduino based scope. I originally looked there for inspiration but it lacked a few things I wanted but I did is very similar.

Here is one that also uses the same screen as me

And here’s what I originally started with and I thought it was brilliant 😀 and I still do!

Anyway here’s some stills of my Alto-scope