A Burr-ee effective simple coffee bean grinder!

Firstly Hello!


It has been a really long time since I last posted stuff. ┬áBut I’m back and hopefully I’ll actually update more frequently.


Today’s post is a 3d printed device! A coffee bean grinder. It is a burr type grinder which is designed to spit out grinds that are about 1.5mm radius so it is good for a coarse grind. I’ve put the design up online and you too can download and print it here!


And you can watch a video of it here

Just a notes though the one on thingiverse is the Version II It’s different because it’s actually simplified to just 3 3d printed parts and hot glue. The version in these photos and video is the version I which has a less elegant base which was made out of failed 3d prints and had more 3d printed parts which are prone to breakage.